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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Zombie Vs. Unicorns (edited by Justin Larbalestier and Holly Black)

This book was awesome. I usually don't like short stories because as so as you get to know the characters its over or you don't really know the characters, but this book has some great authors and I love the arguments before each story. It goes back and forth with a unicorn story first than zombie and it ends with a zombie story. There are six stories for each side.  The 1st story, The Highest Justice by Garth Nix, I enjoyed it combined both Unicorns and zombies, so that was cool. Love will Tear Us Apart by Alaya Dawn Johnson was okay but focused too much on the romance than zombies for me. I really enjoyed the unicorn, Purity Test by Naomi Novik. I have read Carrie Ryan's novel and the short story Bougainvillea is set in the same world and it was okay, I didn't love The Forest of Hands and Teeth as much as a lot of others did but I still enjoy her writing. A Thousand Flowers by Margo Lanagan was also just okay for me. It wasn't really exciting for me and was confusing. The children of the Revolution by Marren Johnson  was a good zombie one. I loved Rampant by Diana Peterfreund and really enjoyed her short story The Care and Feeding of you Baby Killer Unicorn. Inoculata by Scot Westerfeld was a zombie one I really enjoyed. I also enjoyed Princess Prettypants by Meg Cabot.  As much as I enjoy the killer unicorns I also enjoyed the rainbow, happy, kiddie version too. I love Cassandra Clare and her version of zombie in Cold Hands. The Third Virgin was a weird story but I liked it. It was different. The final story Prom Night by Libba Bray was also pretty good.

Overall 5 stars, brillant anthology

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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful, detailed reviews!! I love anthologies--and it seems like more are being published lately. YAY!