Friday, December 18, 2009

Debut author challenge

Rachel Hawkins - Hex Hall
Julia Kagawa - The Iron King

Own not read
Kimberly Derting - The body Finder
Karen Hearley - Guardian of the dead
Jen Nadol - The Mark
Alexandra Bracken - Brightly Woven
Leah Cypress - Mistwood
Karen Kincy- Other

Becca Fitzpatrick - Hush Hush
It was published Oct 09 but she is on the Tenners website

James Patterson

1. Maximum Ride
2. Dangerous Days of Daniel X
3. Witch and Wizard

2010 young adult

2010 100+ Reading Challenge

1Need Carrie Jones
2Evernight Claudia Grey
3Cathy's Book
4Sea Change
5Beautiful Creatures Kami Garcia and Margaret stohl
6Wondrous Strange Lesley Livingston
7Captivate Carrie Jones
8Stargazer Claudia Grey
9Darklight Lesley Livingston
10Rampant Diana Peterfreund
12The Dark Divine BY Bree Despain
13Fallen Lauren Kate
14 Bured H of Night PC and Kristen Cast

The secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott
15 The Alchemist
16 The Magician
17 The Sorceress

18 Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy) Richelle Mead

19 Poison Study Maria V Synder
20 Magic Study
21 Inside out

22. The Iron King
23 Supernatural Heart of the Dragon
24 Fang (Max Ride)
25 Hourglass (evernight)
26 Immortal by Gillian Shields
27 Night word (I) LJ Smith
28 Firespell

Dark Guardians
29 (II) Full Moon
30 (III) Dark of the Moon
31 (IV) Shadow of the Moon

32 The Reckoning (Darkest Powers)
33 Hex Hall
34 Hearts at Stake
35 Harry Potter Philosopher's Stone (re-read
36 HP Chamber of Secrets (re-read)
37 Morpheus Road The Light DJ MacHale
38 Morganville Vampires Kiss of Death
39 Wings
40Ghost Huntress The Reason
41 Charlie Bone and the Red Knight
42The Curse workers White Cat Holly Black
43 Graceling Kristen Cahshore
44 The Devouring Simon Holt
45Lies Michael Grant

These are going to be release 2010
(11) Gone By Lisa McMann - read
Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
Sequel to Intertwined
Book 3 Strange Angels Jealousy
Blue Bloods Misguided Angel
Boos 4 Immortals Dark Flame
Sequel to Hush, Hush -Crescendo
(38)Next book in the Morganville Vampire series- read

Young Adult

1. The Hollow by Jessica Verday
2. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrck
3. shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
4. Tempted (HON) PC and Krtisten Cast
5. Blood Promise (VA) richelle Mead
6. Gone Michael Grant 15. Hunger
7. Ink Exchange melissa marr
8. the hunger Games By Suzanne Collins 16. Catching Fire
9. City of Glass Mortal Instruments By Cassandra Clare
10 The summoning by Kelley Armstrong 11. The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong
12. Max by James Patterson
13. Wake Lisa McMann 14. Fade Lisa McMann

Sunday, November 8, 2009

666 challenge

1 Blue bloods revelations
Blue bloods Van Allen Legacy
2.House of Night Tempted
3.Vampire academy Blood Promise
4.vampire diaries dark Reunion
5 Morganvile Vampires series
6 Evernight series
Strange Angels
Cirque Du Freak series

1. Strange angels
2. The summoning -Darkest Powers
The Awakening -Darkest Powers
3. Tantalize
Vampire Diaries Dark Reunion
4. City of Glass
5. intertwined
6. shiver

1.The new kid
2.City of Glass
3. Blue Bloods Van allen Legacy
4. Kissed by an angel
5 hush, hush
6 The Darkest Powers series (The Summoning and The Awakening)

1. Ghost Huntress: The awakening
Ghost Huntress: The guidance
2. Darkest Powers The Summoning
Darkest powers: The awakening
3evermore (the Immortals)
4 The Hollow
6Gifted series

The sweep series 3-15
1Blue is for nightmares
2White is for Magic
3Silver is for secrets
4Red is for Remembrance
5Black is for Beginnings
6The warrior Heir
7The Wizard Heir

Humans with Powers
1. Gone and
2. Hunger by Michael Grant
3. The Gate Keepers series
4Wake and
6. Darkest Powers series
7. Gifted series


Sweep series -the main character's aunt is lesbian
books 3-14

House of night -Main character's friend is gay
-Hunted and

Evermore, Blue Moon (the Immortals) Main Character's friend is gay


Paranormal Challenge

Morganville Vampires: Glass Houses
Dead Girls Dance
Midnight Alley
Feast of Fools
Lord of Misrule
Carpe Corpus

City of Glass (Mortal Intruments series)-vampires

Hunted and Tempted (House of Night series)-vampires

Blue is for Nightmares (whole series 4books)-witches

Ink exchange -fae

Tantalize-vampires werewolves

Hush Hush -Fallen Angel

Ghost Huntress (The Awakening, The Guidance )

Strange Angels -werewolves and Vampires

Shiver -werewolves

The Hollow -Ghost

Intertwined -vampire werewolves witches Ghosts

Friday, July 10, 2009

Books into Movies

Doctor Who: The Nightmare of Black Island
Doctor Who: The Pirate Loop
Star Trek Movie Tie In
Supernatural Nevermore
The Princess Bride
Vampire Diaries Dark Reunion (tv show based on series comming this fall!)
Cirque Du Freak
Maximum Ride ( I am Pretty sure it is going to be a movie , Next year?)
Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief (release Next year)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What's in a Name 2

Profession: Doctor Who: Nightmare of Black Island

Time of Day Vampire Diaries: The Return Nightfall

Relative: The Princess Bride

Body Part: The forest of hands and teeth

Have not read yet: Castle in the Air

Medical Condition: Dead Girls Dance (Morganville Vampires 3)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Count Down Challenge

1. Pendragon before the War Book 1 of the Travelers
2. Pendragon before the War Book 2 of the Travelers
3. Pendragon before the War Book 3 of the Travelers
4. Max (Maximum Ride 5)
5. Lord of Misrule (Morganville 5)
6. City of Glass (Mortal Instraments 3)
7. The New Kid
8. Fade (Wake 2)
9. Carpe Corpus (Morganville Vampires 6)

1. Wake
2. Hunger Games
3. The Wizard Heir
4. Feast of Fools ( Morganville 4)
5. Evernight

1. Supernatural Nevermore
2. Dead Girls Dance (Morganville Vampires 2)
3. Doctor Who Pirate Loop
4. Midnight Alley (Morganville Vampires 3)
5. The Warrior Heir
6. Tantalize

1. Doctor Who Nightmare of Black Island
2. Ranger's Apprentice: Battle for Skandia
3. Avalon High
4. Glass Houses (Morganville 1)
5. I'd Tell You I love You but Then I'd Have to Kill You (Galagher Academy 1)

1. Red is for Remembrance
2. Silver is for Secrets
3. Raven's Gate (Gatekeepers 1)

1. White is for Magic

1. Sweep (15) Night's Child
2. Blue is for Nightmares
3. Cirque Du Freak(5): The Trials of Death

1. Night Pleasures
2. Cirque du Freak(2): The Vampire's Assistant

1. Sweep (8) Changeling

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Series Challenge (SRC)

1.Pendragon Before the War:
  1. Book one of the travelers
  2. Book two of the Travelers
  3. Book three of the Travelers

2. The Heir Series

  1. The warrior heir
  2. The Wiard heir
  3. the Dragon Heir

3. (1)Blue is for Nightmares (series)

(2) White is for Magic

(3) Silver is for secrets

(4) Red is for Remembrance

(5) Black is for Beginings

(I think that is the whole series, those are all the ones that have been released and I'm not sure if she is writing more)

The Immortals


Blue Moon


(all the ones that have been released , the next one is next year, I don't know if these count)

Morganville Vampires

Glass Houses

Dead Girls Dance

Midnight Alley

Feast of Fools

Lord of Misrule

Carpe Corpus

Fade out

(Same as above)

Monday, June 29, 2009

100-plus-reading challange

I keep track of my books and I know what I started with in January
Books I have read in 2009 so far

1. Doctor who: The Nightmare of Black Island by Mick Tucker
2-5. Sweep Series # 3- #6: Blood Witch, Dark Magick, Awakening, Spellbound By Cate Tierman
6. Pendragon Before the War: Book one of the travelers
7. the Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson
8. Sweep Series #7: the Calling by Cate Tierman
9. Supernatural Nevermore by Keith R.A. De Candido
10. Doctor who: Pirate Loop by Simon Guerrier
11. Maximum Ride Manga (author - James Patterson) Manga artist - Narae Lee
12. Rosario +vampire (#1 Vampires) by Akirisa Ikeda (Manga)
13. Sweep Series #8 Changeling by Cate Tierman
14. Wake By Lisa McMann
15.-16 Hikaru no Go (#1 & #2) by Yumi Hotta (Manga)
17. Vampire Knight (1) Matouri Hiro (Manga)
18. Rosario + Vampire (2 Witches) Akirisa Ikeda (Manga)
19. Pendragon Before the War Book 2 By Walter Sorrus (Pendragon Series -by: DJ MacHale)
20.-23. Rosario + Vampire (3 Trolls, 4 Carnivorous Plants, 5 Abominable Snowgirl, 6 Ghouls) Akirsa Ikeda (Manga)
24.Morganville Vampires (1) Glass Houses By Rachel Cain
25. Fade (Sequel to Wake) By Lisa McMann
26. Hunted ( House of Night 5) By PC and Kristen Cast
27. Dead Girls Dance ( Morganville Vampires 2) By Rachel Caine
28. Midnight Alley (Morganville Vampires 3)
29. Max (Maximum Ride 5) By James Patterson
30. City of Glass (Mortal Instruments 3) By Cassandra Clare
31-35. Sweep Series (9-13) Seeker, Origins, Eclipse, Reckoning By Cate Tierman
36. Pendragon Before the War Book Three By Walter Sorrus
37. Sweep 14 Full Circle
38. Feast of Fools (Morganville Vampires 4) By Rachel Caine
39. Lord of Misrule (Morganville Vampires 5)
40. Ranger's Apprentice (4) Battle for Skandia By John Flanagan
41. The Warrior Heir By Cinda W. Chima
42. Fruits Basket (1) (Manga)
43. Yu Yu Hakusho (1) Manga By Yoshihiro Togashi
44. Avalon High By Mag Cabot
45. Blue is for Nightmares(1) By Laurie F. Stolarz
46. Pendragon (10) The Soldiers Of Halla By DJ MacHale
47. Raven's Gate ( #1 Gatekeepers) By Anthony Horowitz
48. Evil Star (#2 Gatekeepers)
49. White is for Magic (2) by Laurie F. Stolarz
50. Nightrise (#3 Gatekeepers) By Anthony Horowitz
51. Silver is for Secrets (3)By Laurie F. Stolarz
52. Red is for Remembrance (4)
53. Night's Child (sweep 15) By Cate Tierman
54. The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins
55. The Princess Bride William Goldman
56. Night Pleasures (Dark Hunter series) Sherilyn Kenyon
57. the New Kid By Temple Mathews
58. Star Trek (Movie Tie-In) Alan Dean Foster
59. I'd Tell You I Love You, but Then I'd Have to Kill You
60. Carpe Corpus (Morganville Vampires 6) Rachel Caine
61.The Wizard Heir By Cinda W. Chima
62. Tantalize By Cynthia L. Smith
63. Ink Exchange By Melissa Marr
64. Vampire Diaries Dark Reunion By LJ Smith
65. Vampire Diaries The Return: Nightfall
66. Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief By Rick Riordan
67. Gone By Michael Grant
68. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
69. Hunger by Michael Grant
70. Rosario and Vampire (7)
71. Strange Angels
72. Revelations (Blue Bloods 3) Melissa De La Cruz
73. The Last Knight
74. Black is for Beginnings (graphic Novel)
75. Vampire Kisses (2) The kissing Coffins by Ellen schreiber
76. Blood Promise (VA 4)By Richelle Mead
77. Cirque Du Freak A living Nightmare by Darren Shan
78. Catching Fire by suzanne Collins
79. Cirque Du Freak 2 The vampire's assistant by Darren Shan
80 " " 3 the Tunnels of blood
81 " " 4 Vampire Mountain
82 The Summoning (Darkest Powers) Kelley Armstrong
83 Cirque Du Freak 5 Trials of death Darren Shan
84 Blue Bloods 4 Van alen Legacy Melissa De La cruz
85 The Awakening Darkest powers Kelley armstrong
86 Ghost Huntress The awakening Marley Gibson
87 " " The Guidance
88 Superior Saturday Keys to the kingdom Garth Nix
89Crique Du Freak Vampire Prince
90 Tempted HON
91. Evermore (the immortals) Alyson Noel
92 Blue Moon " "
93. Fade out Morganville Vampires Rachel Caine
94 The Hollow Jessica Verday
95. Hush, Hush Becca Fitzpatrick
96. Nightlight Parody Harvard Lampoon
97 Betrayals strange angels Lilli st. crow
98 Intertwined Gena showalter
99 shadowland The immortals Alyson Noel
100 shiver Maggie Stiefvater
101 Gifted Out of sight out of mind Marilyn Kaye
102 Gifted (2)