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Sunday, November 8, 2009

666 challenge

1 Blue bloods revelations
Blue bloods Van Allen Legacy
2.House of Night Tempted
3.Vampire academy Blood Promise
4.vampire diaries dark Reunion
5 Morganvile Vampires series
6 Evernight series
Strange Angels
Cirque Du Freak series

1. Strange angels
2. The summoning -Darkest Powers
The Awakening -Darkest Powers
3. Tantalize
Vampire Diaries Dark Reunion
4. City of Glass
5. intertwined
6. shiver

1.The new kid
2.City of Glass
3. Blue Bloods Van allen Legacy
4. Kissed by an angel
5 hush, hush
6 The Darkest Powers series (The Summoning and The Awakening)

1. Ghost Huntress: The awakening
Ghost Huntress: The guidance
2. Darkest Powers The Summoning
Darkest powers: The awakening
3evermore (the Immortals)
4 The Hollow
6Gifted series

The sweep series 3-15
1Blue is for nightmares
2White is for Magic
3Silver is for secrets
4Red is for Remembrance
5Black is for Beginnings
6The warrior Heir
7The Wizard Heir

Humans with Powers
1. Gone and
2. Hunger by Michael Grant
3. The Gate Keepers series
4Wake and
6. Darkest Powers series
7. Gifted series


Sweep series -the main character's aunt is lesbian
books 3-14

House of night -Main character's friend is gay
-Hunted and

Evermore, Blue Moon (the Immortals) Main Character's friend is gay


Paranormal Challenge

Morganville Vampires: Glass Houses
Dead Girls Dance
Midnight Alley
Feast of Fools
Lord of Misrule
Carpe Corpus

City of Glass (Mortal Intruments series)-vampires

Hunted and Tempted (House of Night series)-vampires

Blue is for Nightmares (whole series 4books)-witches

Ink exchange -fae

Tantalize-vampires werewolves

Hush Hush -Fallen Angel

Ghost Huntress (The Awakening, The Guidance )

Strange Angels -werewolves and Vampires

Shiver -werewolves

The Hollow -Ghost

Intertwined -vampire werewolves witches Ghosts